V404 Cyg workshop



pacSeptember 12th through 14th 2016 will see Oxford Astrophysics hosting a workshop celebrating both the reawakening of the black hole V404 Cyg after nearly 30 years of slumber, and the retirement of Phil Charles after more than four decades of research.

The meeting will take place in the Denis Sciama lecture theatre, in the Denys Wilkinson building.

The workshop dinner will be held at Green Templeton College on the evening of September 13.

SOC: Rob Fender, Jorge Casares, Christian Knigge (with occasional input from Phil himself)

Local organisation: Rob and Jorge, supported hugely by Leanne O’Donnell


July 20: Draft programme available here: https://4pisky.org/v404/v404-schedule/


Confirmed attendees:

Tony Lynas-Gray
Philipp Podsiadlowski
John Miller
David Russell
Katherine Blundell
Koji Mukai
Kunal Mooley
Sara Elisa Motta
Roger Davies
Fraser Lewis
Rob Fender
Phil Charles
Philipp & Roswitha Wetton
Nathalie Degenaar
Peter Jonker
Gregory Sivakoff
Deepto Chakrabarty
Keith Mason
Arvind Parmar
Jorge Casares
Teo Munoz-Darias
Albert Kong
Marek Abramowicz
Kieran O’Brien
Jean-Pierre Lasota-Hirszowicz
Mike Bode
Sera Markoff
Coel Hellier
Adam Ingram
James Miller-Jones
Thomas Marsh
Christian Knigge
Tim Naylor
Brian Warner
David Buckley
Erik Kuulkers
Danny Steeghs
Poshak Gandhi
Louise Wang
Guillaume Dubus
Jean-Marie Hameury
William Clarkson
Knox Long
Pasi Hakala
Melvyn Davies
Patricia Whitelock
John Menzies
Daniel Mata Sanchez
Vik Dhillon
Pablo Rodriguez-Gil
Montserrat Armas Padilla
Steve Balbus
Caroline Terquem