V404 Cyg Workshop Schedule

Sept 12

Start with lunch at DWB

13:30-13:40 Rob Fender: Welcome


13:40-14:10 Phil Charles: V404 Cyg from 1989 to 2015

14:10-14:40 Jorge Casares: Lessons from V404 Cyg and Phil Charles..

14:40-15:00 Tim Naylor/Koji Mukai: Phil Charles, the early years

15:00-15:30 COFFEE

V404 Cyg: formation and context

15:30-16:00 Melvyn Davies: Producing V404 Cyg analogues within stellar clusters

16:00-16:30 Philipp Podsiadlowski: The formation and evolution of black-hole binaries and ultra-luminous X-ray sources

16:30-17:00 Jean-Pierre Lasota: Truncated discs around compact objects

17:00-17:30 Sera Markoff: V404 Cyg: Comparisons with AGN

Sept 13

The 2015 outburst of V404 Cyg

09:00-09:30 Sara Motta: V404 Cyg: a super-critical obscured micro-quasar

09:30-10:00 Teo Munoz Darias: Outer accretion disc wind in V404 Cyg

10:00-10:30 Guillaume Dubus: Gamma rays from V404 in June 2015

10:30-11:00 COFFEE

Jets and feedback from V404

11:00-11:30 Rob Fender: comprehensive radio monitoring of the 2015 outburst

11:30-12:00 Miller-Jones: A high-resolution view of V404 Cygni: jet evolution in real time

12:00-12:30 Greg Sivakoff: A radio-mm view of the 2015 V404 Cyg outburst

12:30-13:30 LUNCH

Jets and feedback from V404 (cont.)

13:30-14:00 Poshak Gandhi : What does V404 Cyg teach us about the disc/jet connection?

14:00-14:30 Tariq Shahbaz: Evidence for magnetic field compression in shocks within the jet of V404 Cyg

14:30-15:00 Russell: Two types of jet in V404 Cyg: 1989 hard state versus 2015 flaring state

15:00-15:30 COFFEE

15:30-16:00 Katherine Blundell: SS433 – new results

16:00-17:00 Discussion: V404 Cyg – what’s going on?

Open discussion on why such an unusual (very flary, very short, very strong wind) outburst

Tributes and retrospectives

17:00-17:15 Albert Kong: How did V404 Cyg and Phil Charles affect my career?

17:15-17:30 Erik Kuulkers: From black & white to colour: about old and new data

19:00: Dinner at Green Templeton College

Sept 14

Bowen fluorescence technique

09:30-10:00 Danny Steeghs: Phil’s role in Bowen fluorescence technique

10:00-10:30 Louise Wang: Developments of the Bowen technique for constraining compact object masses in LMXBs

10:30-11:00 COFFEE

Other transients, closing remarks

11:00-11:30 Will Clarkson: Transients of a different kind: a search for Spin-Superorbital correlation in SMC X-1

11:30-12:00 Robin Corbet: A Luminous Gamma-ray Binary in the Large Magellanic Cloud

12:00-12:30 Phil Charles: ‘final’ words

12:30 LUNCH and DEPART